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MEP Builder-Consultant

As MEP Builder-Consultant we advise independant regarding technical topics of building services. Our organisation of on-site quality control accompanies international projects. Fresh and valuable ideas help every client or engineer. We also develop strategies to keep or bring projects on a successful course. Support during claim management processes could be provided from concept selection to billing. Preparing energy consumption analyzes for variants of HVAC concepts with savings comparison. Optimization of existing or new MEP projects. Professional experience in MEP since 1996 always provides additional perfect construction-accompanying quality control, as optimal assistance. Booking us is as easy as preparing an instant drink.

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MEP Builder-Consultant
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Our MEP Builder-Consultant guides through unclear topics or problems in MEP/HVAC projects. As a MEP consultant we bring relieve. We explain things easy to understand and could provide valued solutions to every project. With the right strategy we set projects on course. Because of this reasons builders and planners do trust in our services since years.

Zebtec™ - Advantage:
- First class references
- Construction experience
- Strategy & MEP know-how
- Favorable price/performance ratio

Contract details for MEP Builder-Consultant

The following Performance Description about our Consultant services, is part of our contract.
pdf PDF Performance Description Builder Consultant (0.4 MB)
The following guide could be part of the contract, if a customers has a wish for desired location.
pdf PDF - Guide for provision of work environment (0.2 MB)
The following service contract is the basis for orders.
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