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Design Manager MEP

As a Design Manager MEP we are the central contact person for all design participants. We do coordinate the schedules for planning the design tasks of technical building facilities (HVAC and MEP). Submission, check and distribution of submitted plans. Monitoring, organization, communication and leadership of internal and external design participants. Quality assurance in design tasks with vigor, tenacity and empathy also in international projects. More than 23 years of experience working with engineers, builders and contractors.

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Design Manager MEP
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790.00 EUR / Day

Our Design Manager MEP ensures that technical specification schedules and MEP design drawings do contain relevant details. In different design phases we perform planning checks and do coordinate internal and external participants. In addition to all organizational tasks, our planning coordinator serves as a central point of contact and interface for planning documents and planning processes.

Zebtec™ - Advantage:
- Strategy experience
- Builders representation possible
- Planning experience since 1996

Design manager case studies

Planning Coordinator in a new project

Initial situation:
The architecture designs where already completed and the MEP engineers tried to work on the design of the technical disciplines. But not all parties worked on the actual plans. External planners should now also be involved but what was the base to start? The builder was not able to handle all his obligations to cooperate.
Our solution:
We immediately placed a MEP design manager in the project. A plan list was generated and all incoming and outgoing plans where recorded. All informations where now available centrally via the design manager team. In the spirit of a smooth project organization, working groups and scheduled meetings for all planning participants were organized. Technical and organizational topics now had a forum and were moderated and recorded by us. The flow of information in the project was significantly improved and the planning more efficient.