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HVAC Expert Witness

As HVAC Expert Witness persons seek and book us for advice. Why is that so? As the HVAC experts we distinguish ourselves by special expertise, objectivity and trustworthiness. We are an adequate partner for damage analysis, cost estimation and damage elimination in specific areas of HVAC.

Specialized in the fields of ventilation technology, air conditioning, control and drinking water technology we have knowledge including technical fire protection. Our result is expertise with comprehensible content. We offer independent services for builders, engineering firms, companies and authorities.

Zebtec™ Expert witness

HVAC Expert Witness
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1500.00 EUR / Day

As HVAC Expert Witness we assess damage or defects of the HVAC or MEP facilities, faults during plannings or defects in operation of building services. Photos, video, infrared- and meassurement results are recorded and taken on special points. After a few site visits we compile relevant information in a report. Increasingly, we are appointed as HVAC Expert Witness or as an expert on-site consultant. Our status determination improves that even partial and final acceptances could be prepared. Follow-up on remedy of defects informs about the situation with or as contractor.
Zebtec™ Advantage:
- Recording of MEP construction defects
- Acceptance preparation
- Facts for construction defects
- Solution Mediation

Zebtec™ - Expert. Exactly. Thought.