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Team Leader MEP Designer ventilation

Team Leader MEP Designer ventilation

As Team Leader MEP Designer for ventilation, we are certified specialists according VDI 6022. With more than 23 years of experience in manufacturing and construction of ducts, is our knowledge to know what can be built. Lowest pressure losses for low power consumption. Sustainable Economic. We lead the creation of concepts up to 3D MEP drawings. Fundamental principles, technical specification schedules, fire safety assessments and relevant technical rules are taken in. Preventive, technical fire and smoke protection.

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Team Leader MEP Designer ventilation
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Our Team Leader MEP Designer for ventilation, air conditioning, heating and refrigeration, is also a certified leader according to ChemKlimaschutzV. This withdraw us from other MEP engineers. The design of ventilation, refrigeration, cold water and central heating systems requires a high level of practical knowledge. The selection of the installation site can strongly influence the function of the cooling units. We have successfully leaded designs and implementation of more than hundreds air-conditioning systems. From IT cooling, comfort climate, to industrial cooling or VRV heat pumps we manage up to fire protection and finally perfect design.

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Contract details for Team Leader MEP Designer ventilation

The following Performance Description about our Team leader Designer services, is part of our contract.
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The following guide could be part of the contract, if a customers has a wish for desired location.
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The following service contract is the basis for orders.
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