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Team Leader MEP Designer BIM-3D

Team Leader MEP Designer BIM-3D

As the Team Leader MEP Designer BIM-3D, modeling in 3D determines the future. Even the production of scans and point clouds can make important preliminary work for manufacturers, designers or builders when planning and taking stock. As a MEP service provider, we take care of great coordination and, optionally provide training courses for Designer. In addition to taking stock, these services are absolutely sensible and professional at almost every point in time.

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Team Leader MEP Designer BIM 3D
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Team Leader MEP Designer BIM-3D, as the MEP experts is complementary leading designer and creates Revit 3D building models. In a cost effective way. We make 3D models possible on the basis of sketches, floor plans, 3D scan or views. Detailing and As-built could be done in almost any project-phase. On customers demand it enables you being ahead of competitors. Without language barrier we also educate in BIM-3D. Our 3D models could even create floor plans or views.

Zebtec™ - Benefit:
- No language barrier
- 360° competence
- Virtual 3D walkthroughs

Contract details for Team Leader MEP Designer BIM 3D

The following Performance Description about our Team leader Designer services, is part of our contract.
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The following guide could be part of the contract, if a customers has a wish for desired location.
pdf PDF - Guide for provision of work environment (0.2 MB)
The following service contract is the basis for orders.
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