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Teamleader MEP Designer

680.00 EUR / Day

Teamleader MEP Designer BIM-3D, as the MEP experts is complementary leading designer and creating of Revit 3D building models in a cost effective way. The creation of 3D models is possible on the basis of existing sketches or CAD floor plans and views. Grade of detailing could be determined depending on the phase of the project or customers demand. Lower wage levels in South Africa enables you being ahead of competitors. Without language barrier we educate in BIM-3D. If necessary, we lead to create a 3D model out of CAD-files. Even floor plans or views are then results out of a Revit 3D model. Internet Marketing

Zebtec™ - Benefit:
- No language barrier
- Better than competence
- Fire protection needed
- Result in 3D

3D families creation
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500.00 EUR / Day

Creation of BIM product families for manufacturers? Creation of special components BIM families for Revit users? As Revit HVAC engineers we do both. Cost-effective and individual creation of Revit families. Revit families are 3D components that are stored with BIM data. These families can be imported into Revit 3D projects and used immediately for planning and calculations. Save time-consuming work and concentrate on the core business. Manufacturers have a new opportunity for product placements. We support you in 3D planning as your HVAC enginnering service provider.

Zebtec™ - Advantage:
- Limited Availability
- Competence in construction
- Management of external