Expect more than MEP engineering

Not every MEP Engineering Consultant has 23 years of experience in facility construction. But we do have.

As Client Consultant, Manager and Coordinator we are specialized and heart and soul for every building. Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing facilities, abbreviated as MEP and clients receive successful planning, construction and advice from us. Without freelancer we provide theory, practice and strategy experience since 1996 via:

- MEP Design Manager
- MEP Contractor-Coordinator
- Expert witness for HVAC

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More than consulting engineers

As MEP Team Leader for engineers, we are complementary executive. MEP disciplines are sorted according to 4 elements (water, fire, earth, air). Team leading, workshops, training, managing with 360° view, could realize scan and BIM 3D.

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More than HVAC designer

As MEP Quality-Auditor HVAC-Check brings the world's best quality. External MEP plans are checked according to our own criteria. With 360° expertise, VDI 6026 is exceeded. This also realizes quality and fire protection. The HVAC-check of planning is digital online service or optionally on site available.

Zebtec™ - Quality with MEP Quality-Auditor.