Expect more than MEP engineering

Almost every MEP engineering firm has not 23 years of experience in facility construction.
But we do have.

We are specialized as the best Project-Manager, Construction-Client Consultant and MEP Design-Auditor. Mechanical facilities, shortly MEP, are mostly the heart and soul of buildings. But planning and construction services are not perfect enough, without our advise. We provide great, unique and most important basis for many MEP construction projects. We make concepts economic and explain comprehensible to builders, owner or engineers even as:

- MEP Design Managers
- MEP Contractor-Coordinator
- Expert witness for HVAC

Zebtec™ - Client Consultant MEP.

More than consulting engineers

As a complementary MEP design engineer, we simplify the design of related disciplines. According to the 4 elements (water, fire, earth, air), we only offer complementary MEP design in all project phases, from concept to detail engineering. Requirements and the task will be recorded in a technical specification schedule, by taking into account applicable standards, guidelines and state of the arts. If necessary, we create as built plans . Our complementary services are perfect for existing planning teams, engineering firms and construction clients. We are optimizing all project phases international, worldwide.

Zebtec™ - Complementary MEP Designer.

More than HVAC designer

HVAC-Check is service made by our Quality-Auditor for MEP designs. We monitor and check externally produced MEP/HVAC drawings and documentation, according to established criteria. Far beyond the requirements of the German VDI 6026 we optionally check for compliance with economic and technical engineering targets. Uncover potential for optimization and discipline interfaces, carried out through our Auditor of MEP drawings. HVAC-Check is provided as an online service and additional on the customers site.

Zebtec™ - Ensuring quality with Design-Auditors.