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The HVAC experts think different - T&C's

The HVAC experts website is operated by:

Zebtec Foundation
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6529 George
South Africa

Tel.: +27-79-3523153

CIPC registered private companies.

We are contactable via our webform.
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Privacy protection
Privacy is very important to us. We only provide collected or existing data within the necessary framework of a regular business process. Therefor we have to provide necessary datas to our Banks, Telecommunication service provider, Credit card and payments provider, Logistic services provider. We do not support the transfer of data to third parties for advertising purposes or identity theft. By careful handling of data we do comply with applicable data protection regulations. We even exceed the EU data protection guidelines. According to PAIA you can request our imprint details from us with a CIPC number.

Terms of use for website and eMails:

Despite all the care we take datas on our websites could have changed in the meantime. A liability or guarantee for the actuality, correctness and completeness of the information provided can not be accepted. The same also applies to all others websites to which this Internet site is connected directly or indirectly through hyperlinks. We are not responsible for the content of websites that are based on a link. We are not responsible and disseminate us expressly from these contents. We also use various Google services, such as Google Adwords, Google Analytics. This will save anonymized visit data (for example, shortened IP addresses, date, time, etc.) to third-party systems. To optimize our website, we use session cookies, which are small text files that may be stored to ensure certain website functions.

In addition, we are generally not liable for any direct or indirect damage, one finally lost profits, arising from the use of information provided on this website. In addition, we reserve the right to make changes or additions to the information provided.

Content, structure, programming and layout of Zebtec website are copyrighted. The reproduction of information or data, particularly the use of texts, text parts or images requires the prior written consent. This particularly applies to all text, images, graphics, logos and video files. Everything is subject to copyright and other laws protecting intellectual property. The use, storage and reproduction of the on-site Zebtec logos, video and animation files and their arrangement, requires the prior consent. All texts, images, graphics, logos and videos may be modified or copied for commercial purposes and used on other websites. We expressly point out that we do not grant any licenses. The intellectual property remains with Zebtec and Foundation. All trademarks and logos are registered trademarks and property of their respective owners.

Applicable law
All information or data which is used and linked to our website and any web site with the Zebtec associated action, toleration or omission subject exclusively South African law. Offers on the website may also make offers affiliates dar. All prices do not offer in the legal and commercial sense represent and serve only to the first orientation. Prices are intended for professional buyers and are therefore as the price plus VAT. We reserve all rights in the publications. The rights to use or designated brands are property of their respective owners.

e-mails are intended only for the person to whom it was addressed initially. If an addressing or transmission error has misdirected our e-mails, please notify the author by replying to this e-mail you have recieved. We may monitor all e-mail traffics on its IT-systems. We do not give any assurance that e- mails are virus free and do not cover any loss or damage wich was caused by our eMails or its contents and attachements. Please note that physical post and letter deliveries can no longer be received or processed from 01.01.2020. If processing or receipt is desired, the sender must place a pre-order, pay in advance and we have to accept the order.