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Quality-Auditor MEP

Quality-Auditor MEP

As Quality-Auditors MEP for designs, we assist on the way to quality, without Freelancer. Considering our predefined parameters such as economy, correct appearance of drawings and preventive fire protection in building supply disciplines. Performing HVAC-check is digitally and based on our internal created checklists. They continously content our experience from projects. HVAC-Check goes far beyond the German VDI 6026. Finally HVAC-Check brings the perfect profit to our customers and this could be based on additional quotes for sites or reviewed As-built planning.

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Quality-Auditor MEP
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Quality-Auditor MEP designs as a complementary engineering service for construction-clients, builders and engineers. MEP-Check are audits according to our own established criteria, we randomly check technical calculations for conclusiveness. MEP-Check already contributes in planning phases to avoid construction defects and faults. Our Quality-Auditor MEP design do check the design of drawings from execution phase over assembly plans to as-built plans or as a review of vendor drawings and even 3D models. As a standard it is available as an digital online service and on-site for additional top-up fee possible. As Auditors we do not offer final approvals of MEP plans and our service should be seen as an Audit Quality-Control.

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Contract details for Quality-Auditor MEP

The following Performance Description about our Quality Auditor services, is part of our contract.
pdf PDF Performance Description Quality Auditor (0.4 MB)
The following guide could be part of the contract, if a customers has a wish for desired location.
pdf PDF - Guide for provision of work environment (0.2 MB)
The following service contract is the basis for orders.
pdf PDF Service Contract - basis (0.4 MB)