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Certified Expert Witness MEP

Our certified Expert Witness MEP is specialized and assists you in the disciplines of ventilation technology, air conditioning, control, drinking water technology, technical fire protection and hygiene. With expertise, objectivity and trustworthiness we are an adequate partner. Damage analysis, cost estimation, damage elimination are based on comprehensible content and not our opinion.

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Expert Witness MEP

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Our Expert Witness MEP assesses damage, defects, faults, hygiene during plannings or during operation of building services and is certified. Photos, video, infrared, meassurement or samples are recorded and represent a few site visits. We compile relevant information in a report as a result. Our status determination improves that even partial and final acceptances could be prepared or planning becomes better. Follow-up on remedy of defects informs about the situation.

Your Benefit:
- Recording of MEP construction defects
- Acceptance preparation
- Solution Mediation

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Contract details for Expert Witness MEP

The following Performance Description is part of our contract for Expert Witness MEP
pdf PDF Performance Description Expert Witness MEP (0.8 MB)
The following guide could be part of the contract, if a customers has a wish for desired location.
pdf PDF - Guide for provision of work environment (0.8 MB)
The following service contract is the basis for orders.
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