Building-Client Consultant in Frankfurt.

We are MEP and the HVAC experts with sound theoretical and practical experience. We offer building consultants in Frankfurt, Hessen and surroundings, design manager, contractor co-ordinators as experts for MEP projects. With professional MEP engineering services for technical building supply, we ensure that projects in Frankfurt and Hesse stay on course. MEP concept planning and design audits for MEP ensure an economical design and construction process. As a representative for builders or in joint venture with project managers, we facilitate decisions, explain or advise on strategy issues. In all design phases and out of HOAI we provide professional project support for the mechanical trades of building supply disciplines.
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More than MEP designer Frankfurt

Each building is built of water, fire, earth and air. As a MEP specialist planner, we create MEP and HVAC designs from these basic elements. In Frankfurt and Hesse we accompany projects from concept to execution or beyond. Planning offices, operators or clients are among our customers. We are committed to perfect planning and also complement project controllers, HVAC planner teams, engineers and builders.
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Auditing MEP designs

HVAC-Check is our plan audit for MEP and plan checks ensure quality assurance for the design of HVAC and MEP. Externally generated execution planning for the technical building equipment are checked by us using criteria lists. We check ventilation, control technology, heating or sanitary facilities for clear presentation, collision, technology and other parameters. This audit service we do also provide on-site in Frankfurt.
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