More than HVAC engineering firm in Cologne.

The HVAC engineering firm provides with theory and practice-oriented know how the HVAC experts with designer and advice. Services for MEP/HVAC projects. We offer engineering services for technical building supply. Handling and managing projects in Cologne and all over NRW. From concept to design, contractors manager - we provide design and consulting for economic project progress. We bring our MEP expertise to builders, architects and engineers to make decisions easier. With understandable advice in all project phases our building consultant supports builders and engineers. As a partner for technical building supply we keep every project on track.

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HVAC/MEP Designer Cologne

HVAC/MEP Designer work according to Water, fire, earth, air sorted as basic elements. We support and lead MEP/HVAC Design engineers and projects of different sizes in Cologne and surroundings. From concept to execution plannings. After clarifying the customer requirements we implement and lead the perfect planning for engineering teams and builders all over NRW.

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Coordination of HVAC in Cologne

Coordination of MEP with HVAC-Check, we provide more transparency in HVAC plannings. In the case of existing concept or detail engineering of the technical building equipment, whether ventilation, control technology, heating or sanitary installations. According to the four-eyes principle, we examine calculations and plans and demonstrate optimization potential. With checklists, we check for completeness and profitability in HVAC planning even on-site in Cologne.

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