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Designer digital controls
The MEP experts

Designer digital controls<br>
The MEP experts

MEP designer digital controls do know daily tasks. Modern measurement and digital controls facilities (DDC) must do much more than 10 years ago. Energy consumption and constant monitoring of all parameters are enormously important to reduce the costs in all areas and also HVAC. Therefor digital controls are coupled with a building management system to enable performing the monitoring from a computer workstation. Trend values and malfunctions as well as operating conditions must be recorded and stored. Costs of cabling are to be kept to a minimum for economic development. We only complementary and usually use BUS systems and also consider EMC-concepts.

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MEP engineer digital controls
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Our MEP designer for digital controls do give special attention to details of planning processes. It is not only about to write data point lists. A detailed description of the control parameters is essential. For all complex requirements on the measurement, control and regulation system, the operability must not be neglected.

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