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MEP Designer digital controls

MEP Designer digital controls

As an executive for MEP Designer digital controls do know daily tasks. Modern measurement and digital controls facilities (DDC) must do much more than 10 years ago. Energy consumption and constant monitoring of all parameters are enormously important to reduce the costs in all disciplines even HVAC. Therefor digital controls are coupled with a building management system (BMS) to enable performing the monitoring from a computer workstation. Trend values and malfunctions as well as operating conditions must be recorded and stored. Costs of cabling we keep to a minimum for economic development. We usually use BUS systems and consider EMC-concepts. Booking with us is as easy as preparing an instant drink.

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Expert Witness MEP

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As certified Expert Witness MEP we assess damage, defects, faults, hygiene during plannings or during operation of building services. Photos, video, infrared, meassurement or samples are recorded and represent a few site visits. We compile relevant information in a report as a result. Our status determination improves that even partial and final acceptances could be prepared or planning becomes better. Follow-up on remedy of defects informs about the situation.

Zebtec™ Advantage:
- Recording of MEP construction defects
- Acceptance preparation
- Solution Mediation

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Contract details for Expert Witness MEP

The following Performance Description is part of our contract for Expert Witness MEP
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The following guide could be part of the contract, if a customers has a wish for desired location.
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The following service contract is the basis for orders.
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