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Team Leader MEP Designer BIM-3D

680.00 EUR / Day

Team Leader MEP Designer BIM-3D, as the MEP experts is complementary leading designer and creates Revit 3D building models. In a cost effective way. We make 3D models possible on the basis of sketches, floor plans, 3D scan or views. Detailing and As-built could be done in almost any project-phase. On customers demand it enables you being ahead of competitors. Without language barrier we also educate in BIM-3D. Our 3D models could even create floor plans or views.

Zebtec™ - Benefit:
- No language barrier
- 360° competence
- Virtual 3D walkthroughs

3D Scan point cloud
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780.00 EUR / Day

3D Scan and point clouds for manufacturers, designers or builders? As a MEP service provider, we do the biggest effort in 3D. This results in point clouds in 3D. This could be an as-built documentation that makes absolute sense almost at any time or any project phases.

Zebtec™ Advantage:
- 3D scan with point clouds
- 360° more competence
- Management of external graphic artists
- Best As-built documentation